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Equal Area is pleased to announce the release of our first CD, "Sushi Love Sessions" by the improvisational quartet Global Illage.
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Global Illage
Sushi Love Sessions

The Philadelphia-New York improvisational quartet of Global illage and their resonant world vision is unleashed from members and collaborators of Les Nubians, Jazzheads, Elwood, Sylk130, Spoken Hand Ensemble, Ursula Rucker, Boyz II Men, Zakir Hussain, King Britt and others.

Chris Cuzme
soprano + tenor sax, didgeridoo, exotic flutes, tibetan bowl
Jim Hamilton
percussion batterie
Tim Motzer
guitars, synth guitar, bass, guitarloops
Dan Sears
trumpet, fluegelhorn, flutes, chordal pipes, and tibetan bowl

The first sessions were largely group improvisations yielding two wildly divergent CDs. The lush ambience of the "chill side" is a kind of "Peter Gabriel's Passion meets ECM". On the "ill side": dark and menacing, an ill-fated futureworld of ambient punk funk abstraktions ... "tortoise meets tabla beat science".

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If you construct interesting, non-commercially-driven, creative music you'd like to see released, send Equal Area a URL to an MP3 or short audio file where we can listen to some of your creations. See our philosophy to get an idea of what we do and how we do it.